Call for Abstract


April 16-17, 2020


Singapore City, Singapore

Scientfic Sessions:

Nursing Research is a logical examination of an issue of significance to the field of Nursing. It is a methodical request intended to create reliable Evidence about issues of significance to the Nursing calling, including Nursing practice, instruction, organization, and informatics. It is fundamental for the improvement of exact information that empowers Nurses to give Evidence based consideration. The Nursing calling is responsible for giving top notch, financially savvy care for patients and families.

Evidence Based Nursing (EBN)

Evidence Based Nursing (EBN) is an approach to manage settling on quality decisions and giving nursing care in perspective of individual clinical inclination in mix with the most rhythmic movement, pertinent research open on the point. This methodology is using Evidence Based Practice (EBP) as a foundation. EBN executes the most extraordinary systems for giving thought, which have been shown through examination of incredible examinations and authentically tremendous research disclosures. The target of EBN is to improve the prosperity and security of patients while in like manner giving thought in a fiscally astute manner to upgrade the outcomes for both the patient and the human administrations structure. EBN is a technique built up on the collection, comprehension, assessment, and mix of significant, clinically tremendous, and appropriate research.

Public Health Nursing

Globally, public health concerns from non-communicable diseases and environmental factors are increasing, and risk from communicable diseases is decreasing. In developing countries, the risk of communicable diseases still prevails. Nurses must play roles in both situations; in prevention and control of communicable diseases, as well as in addressing non-communicable diseases and environmental risk factors.

Surgical Nursing

Globally, 266.2 to 359.5 million operations were performed in 2012 alone, which is 38% higher than the previous years. The estimate is expected to increase in the upcoming years. This session discusses research, case reports and evidence obtained in planning, implementation and evaluation of treatment of the patient.

Surgical nurses work in a components and testing condition making a key occupation in life-saving medical procedure and enveloping thought. Surgical nurses are the establishment of the careful group. Since ordinary commitments much of the time changes as demonstrated by their component of aptitude. A Surgical nurse found around careful tables helping experts with both elective and life-saving procedures. These nurses help with a wide scope of errands beforehand, during, and after medical procedures, without surgical nurses, it would be for all intents and purposes outlandish for surgeons to complete their duties well.

Emergency Nursing

The global incidence of  trauma and emergency medical cases are on the rise, mainly due to road traffic accidents, violence, sudden illnesses, drowning and animal bites. Risks of natural and manmade disasters are also prevalent. Hence, the requirement for skilled emergency service nurses is also increasing. Nurses will need rapid assessment and decision-making skills, the requirements and research for which will be discussed in this session.

Reproductive Nursing

Reproductive Nurses  direction and treat families, couples, and people for richness, origination, and different regions of generation. They likewise work with ladies experiencing menopause, showing them manifestations and treatment alternatives. For Reproductive Nurses , great relational abilities are an absolute necessity—not just in view of the affectability of their work, yet they likewise fill in as contacts between specialists, Researchers, different Nurses , and patients' families. As a Reproductive Nurse, you'll be on the cutting edges of therapeutic advances like undifferentiated organism Research.

Mental Health Nursing

One-fourth of the people in the world will be affected by mental health problems at some point in their lives. Still, two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek medical attention. The stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues prevents people from seeking care. In this session, possible solutions for such stigma and the effects on psychiatric nurses themselves will be discussed.

 Cancer Nursing

Despite tons of research and a $147 billion drug market, cancer is still the second leading cause of death worldwide. The risk factors include dietary changes, environmental factors, lifestyle transitions, viral infections etc. Nursing care is required for the increasing number of patients and for creating awareness and prevention of dietary, lifestyle and occupational factors in reducing the risk of cancer.

A Cancer and Tumor Nurse  Offer thought to threat patients and those at peril for getting the illness. Oncology nurture is a Nursing proficient who has practical experience in thinking about individuals with malignant growth. Oncology Nurses regularly fill in as your first line of correspondence, and help arrange the numerous parts of your consideration all through malignant growth treatment. Clinical consequences and development nursing in perspective on the rates of torment and distinctive signs filed in the composition, changes in clinical practice are relied upon to decrease the reaction load of tenants with tumor. Enrolled Nurses are key individuals from the human services group and assume vital jobs in Cancer Care including wellbeing advancement, malignant growth anticipation and screening, treatment and side effect the executives in intense, long haul, network and palliative consideration. Oncology Nursing is a claim to fame practice which requires extra information and clinical abilities to help patients determined to have malignant growth and their families.

Midwifery Nursing

The assistance of midwives and neonatal nurses during pregnancy, birth and after birth is essential to prevent complications and deaths. They also ensure that the mother and the baby receive good care in these times. Each year, 358,000 women die during pregnancy or labor, and around 2 million newborn babies die shortly after birth, due to insufficient care. Possible solutions to expand midwifery and neonatal care in various countries shall be discussed in this session.

Midwifery care, otherwise called obstetrics, is the wellbeing calling that bargains with the specialization in pregnancy, labor, and the baby blues period (counting care of the new-conceived), other than reproductive and sexual health of ladies for the duration of their lives. An expert in midwifery care is called as a birthing specialist. Midwifery specialists are the network of birthing specialists who really deal with the ladies bearing a kid with assistance of advisors and referrals. The genuine obligation of the midwifery  specialist is to care for a pregnant ladies and her infant all through the antenatal period, amid work and labor.

Geriatric and Palliative Nursing

According to WHO, every year, around 40 million people require palliative care, out of which 78% live in developing and underdeveloped countries. Only 14% people receive the palliative care they require. The need for palliative nursing is increasing, due to the rise in non-communicable diseases and the world’s ageing population. Sub-standard training and lack of awareness of palliative care is prevalent among nurses, the solutions and opportunities for which will be discussed in this session.

Men in Nursing

Despite the stigma attached to it, more men are taking up nursing as their profession. Currently, only 7% of nurses are males. Though male nurses can specialize in all fields, men dominate as nurse anesthetists, with a 41.7% representation globally. Many male nurses also prefer Travel Nursing due to its higher pay scale and flexibility. This session focusses on the scope, advantages of men in nursing and possible ways to encourage more male students take up nursing as their profession.

Men have had a long and critical Association with Nursing yet it has been inadequately reported, incompletely on account of the issues with the terminology used to depict men in nursing   jobs. Men's dynamic inclusion in Nursing decreased in the late nineteenth century and Nightingale and her pupils unquestionably added to this wonder. The development of men out of nursing   likewise should be considered inside the setting of the prevailing belief system of the Victorian time. This period saw the foundation of ground-breaking male and female generalizations, which are as yet compelling today and acted to sexual orientation nursing as female.

Nursing Practice

Nursing professionals around the world are experiencing an array of changes as the healthcare industry is continuously adapting more advanced technology and medical trends. Nurses adapt themselves to various fields of medicine and medical research, and many new fields of medical research require the assistance of nurses. Some of them are: Genetics nursing, Stem-cell technology nursing, Fertility nursing, Holistic nursing, etc. This session covers such new fields and its requirements.